There's no right and wrong. There's only fun and boring.

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The story.

I like coming up with ideas. It’s fun. I enjoy doing it. If it’s all I had to do, if I never made anything, if it was just saying an idea aloud and someone laughed and that would be the end of it, then that would make me happy and content and la la la isn’t it great.

But — and this has come from a lot of conversations and a lot of changing my mind and trying to change other people’s minds, and it may change as I’m writing this or it may change tomorrow, but what I’ve found is I don’t seek happiness or contentment. All things considered, those aren’t the hardest things to find if you just twist your mind in the right way. What I want and what I seek is to be better.

The world is too big and there is too much to see and there is too much to take in to spend life standing still or growing sideways or, worst of all, making excuses about where you are or who you are.

I wish to know more. ‘If you wish to know more, then you are alive’ said some ad I saw. I believe them.

The analogy I use, and I hope it doesn’t seem ridiculous, is this: looking for happiness is climbing a mountain and reaching the top. Enjoy the view, frame it on your wall. Betterment, in contrast, is climbing a mountain and realizing there is no top, just more mountain to climb.

‘The struggle itself is enough to fill a man’s heart.’

In conclusion: I want to work with you if you will help me grow. If you won’t help me grow, then this is probably not a good idea.

I think that’s fair to say.


August, '16 - FOREVER LOL
Don't know what the fuck I'm doing.

March, '14 - August, '16
I came back!!!

Sr. Copywriter, Mullen SF
May, '13 - February, '14
Did stuff.

Sr. Copywriter, A/K/Q/A SF
March, '11 - May '13
Internetted things.

Copywriter, G/M/M/B
January, '09 - March, '11
Tried to save the world. Didn't.

Freelance AD/CW, Cliff Freeman & Partners
September, '08
Tried to save Snapple. Didn't.

Intern Art Director, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky
Summer, '07
After a month of comping other people's projects, a group of four of us splintered off to form an intern super-group, avoiding the people who wanted us to Photoshop grown men into baby carriages in favor of carnage. We stole briefs, we stole bicycles, we stole a Crispin flag and, in the process, had three full campaigns go to client for Burger King, Volkswagen, and Sprite. Fuck yeah?



Masters, Brandcenter
Fall, '06 - Spring, '08

Graduate, University of South Carolina – Advertising
Fall, '01 - Winter, '05


Silver, One Show – Interactive, '14
Bronze, One Show - Branded Entertainment, '14
Cannes Shortlist - Branded Content, '14
Cannes Shortlist - Mobile, '12
Bronze, One Show Entertainment - Branded App, '12
AICP Next - Mobile Winner, '12
Silver ADDY - Television, Local, Single, :60 or more, '10
3rd Place - Print, Cannes Young Lions, '10
One Show Client Pitch Finalist, '07
Innovation Challenge Finalist, '06