An ancient evil awakens.
Strategy line is as follows: People were tired of playing as a hero that couldn't be defeated. Our job
was to prove that there was a new threat so big, so bad, so motherfucking bad, that even
Master Chief could fall.

The Glyph.
This bad guy was 'waking up' in the game, and we wanted that awakening to reverberate here on earth.
Sooooo we used the bad guy's signature – his glyph – and turned it into an aerial light show (aka UFO) which
hovered seemingly unassisted for 9km down the River Thames, getting people all riled up.

The glyph got written up in a number of sites, including
The Daily Mail
Huffington Post
The Telegraph
The Sun
and that sort.

Case study.
This is a case study.

Making Of.
Were you wondering 'how did they do it?' This is how we did it.

Red Bull, y'all.
Red Bull gives you energy. But as a brand, Red Bull had built up a reputation as the company that
gives athletes the means to achieve their dreams. We needed to redefine what 'gives you wings'
meant. So we created Launchpad, a platform for people to share their big, huge, balls-to-the-walls
ideas with Red Bull, competing for the chance to have their dream brought to life.

Red Bull Launchpad.
Launchpad let anyone, athlete or not, submit their big ideas in the form of a 30-second video.
These ideas competed head-to-head with a jury of their peers voting on the best.

Showcase video.
A video Red Bull made to showcase the five finalists and their journey.

And this is the guy that won. His idea was to create a wingsuit obstacle course. Dope.

Dance Central 2: Dance*Cam
Star in your very own music video, like your mama always dreamed. Point the camera at
someone, capture their moves, and we'd send it into the clouds to be transformed into a
fast-paced music video. Built and released simultaneously across three phone platforms.

Unfortunately, the music rights had a lifespan and it is no longer available for download.

Damn you, Usher.

This is my hand.
I have lovely hands.

Look at it. Look at the screenshots.

Case study.
And the poor young designer who danced and danced and danced...

I'm in Toastmasters.
I made this poster. Eat it.

Kill Crew.
This is what I wanted to call the interns. But nooooooooo.