I bought a neon sign.
It is my favorite thing I've done at AKQA.

Hostile Takeover – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's reveal event.
Call of Duty doesn't need Snapgram or TweetFace for its big reveal – it's already got one of the biggest
social networks going via the shit-ton of people who play the game every day. So, to launch the latest
installment, we had the new game invade the previous game (Black Ops 3) in a 72-hour hostile takeover
weekend event.

It started with a warship appearing over NUK3TOWN, Black Ops 3's most popular multiplayer map.
Considering the sheer number of hours devoted to this one map, we figured fans would notice if we
changed one tiny thing about it. Surprise: they did notice!!! Just check out this guy, who is by no
means playing up his reaction for the sake of a video view count.


Kids today!!

The next day, we introduced players to their new adversary – the Settlment Defense Front.
The SDF spokesman and propaganda appeared in-game and took over our social channels and
said some very mean things that were not nice.


Finally, the good guy broke through and sent everyone to Facebook Messenger to fight back.
Lt. Reyes appeared in-game and across the various social channels and pushed to Messenger, where
he sent you on your first mission for the new game – find 11 codes hidden around NUK3TOWN that
would help him reset the defense grid. The internet solved it pretty quickly, as they are wont to do.
Anyone who entered the code correctly was delivered the brand-new reveal trailer and we got to go
home and sleep.

Message from Reyes: https://youtu.be/JIxMNUOt0eU

We won a Gold Lion.

#GuitarHeroTVstar: A big lip synced music video starring a lot of people.
Guitar Hero was back from a 5-year hiatus with a new feature: you get to play along to iconic music
videos. So, we invited fans to star in an Ed Sheeran music video using that year's biggest social
trend: lip-syncing!

As seen on:
The Wrap!
Digital Trends!

+100k participants.
Shaq! Steph Curry! Lady from 'Dancing With The Stars'!

Then you could play along to it inside the game itself!!
A connected eco-system!!!

Marvel's Contest of Champions.
Kabam was the client. They were wonderful. Marvel was the game. Bro. Bro. Do you even know how many comic books I own?

The 2nd spot.
Built to coincide with the release of the 'Deadpool' movie.


The Mission are very nice people to work with.

Destiny: The Legend Of You
All year, we've been telling people 'Become Legend' by playing Destiny. For the launch of the next big
expansion pack, we thought it'd be a good idea to showcase just what that legend looks like with
their own personalized trailer.

As seen on:
Tech Insider!
and very popular on Reddit!

This is a personalized video.
There were 9 points of personalization in each video, from using your name to showcasing your
custom game stats, to giving you your own 'legendary name' (as determined by the data).

This is a case study!
The case study was fun to make...?


This did really well.

It was also a nightmare.
So I made ribbons!!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 world reveal teaser.
Every year, Call of Duty announces a new game. This year we did something SPECIAL!!!
Watch the video to learn more OR!!! continue reading.

As seeon on:
The Verge!

And a Mashies award winner!

10 million people still played Black Ops 2.
That's a lot of people who've lived and breathed every inch of the same multiplayer maps for about
three years now and we figured they'd notice if something was... different. Like a potentially
cancerous mole that wasn't there before. In one of the fake ads within one of the most popular
multiplayer maps, we hid a sneaky little Snapchat Snapcode.

We made a bunch of weird shit little videos.
Fans weren't quite sure whether it was going to be Black Ops 3 or World War 3 or Call of Duty:
Mexican-American War, so we kept it vague and mysterious and dropped bits and bobs about what
the game was really about and left it to fans to put together the pieces.

Fans like analyzing things.
Each of the 20-some videos was picked apart as everyone raced to be the one to discover the truth
about the new game. Many videos. Many views. I heard over 50 million. Let's say that.

Call Of Duty: Mission Zero.
To support the Call Of Duty live-action trailer, we made a prequel of sorts. Living entirely on
Instagram, we created an innovative mission where images were tagged with actions and
people made choices that showed off the features of the game and ultimately decided the
life – or death – of their character.

It's innovative!!!
Instead of tagging photos with the names of people, we tagged them with actions. Tapping on
your action of choice takes you to a unique username which continues the story with more options.

If you wanna take a look, you can go here: http://instagram.com/p/u_bRfnyp_s on your phone
or search @Start_Mission_Zero in Instagram to get this party started.

Intro video.

Send yo' face to space.
'Destiny' is a game wherein players get to explore our solar system and kill the things that live
there*. For E3, we wanted to give people a sense of what it's like to leave Earth for the first time
by sending their face to space.


Peoples tweeted us their selfies and a satellite in Cape Canaveral sent that shit to



They then tracked their selfie's progress in real-time.
The site was very long and the whole experience lasted 17 hours, up until they passed Voyager 1.
Along the way, they unlocked exclusive content from the game and such and such and then
they fell into a deep slumber as their soul passed into the void of the universe and they
became one with all things.

But mostly they were just becoming one with an advertising campaign and its inevitable case study.


Snoop Dogg sent us his selfie.
Because we paid him. If we paid him more, maybe he would have taken a better picture.