Destiny 2 Ghost Skill and physical product.
To make the sprawling Destiny 2 more accessible to new players, we brought its
in-game guide, Ghost, to life with one of the most advanced Alexa skills to date,
and the most immersive gaming companion ever made.

A L S O, this was a passion project that took 2 years to bring to life and the
culmination of 4 years of working on the Activision account and I'm very proud
of it and la la la la la la.

What it could do.
Change your weapons and armor with a simple voice command.
Rally your friends without ever picking up a phone.
Customized advice on what to do next based on your previous in-game accomplishments.
Ask questions about the intricacies of the Destiny universe.

Amazon thought it was the bomb.
So they produced a series of 4 spots in support of the skill.

That's free media and production $$$ for those counting at home.

Dance into Destiny 2.
Destiny 2 is known for its epic dance parties. And Antonio Brown is known for his epic
touchdown celebrations. And now that the NFL is relaxing its rules on what exactly can be
done inside an end zone...

Note: this project was started by Tom Zukoski and I picked it up in the last half.

And he did. He danced the Destiny dance in the end zone.
The... culminatory region? Area of finality?

I don't watch sports.

Terminal Tours.
Call of Duty was going to space. Space is way more dangerous than Earth.

In this Messenger bot experience, a gleefully deranged tour guide encourages you to
make awful decisions that result in your gruesome death. Or: The campaign where we made
a lot of gifs of a dude dying in increasingly tragic ways.

Kate Micucci, no!!!
Bad Kate Micucci.

Don't take off your helmet, dummy!
You are on the moon!!!

You are so dumb!!!