Play Anything.
We made this on the side. Lloyd Dobler plays your favorite tunez outside of your conceptual window.
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Airbnb presents 'Hollywood & Vines.'
Airbnb was ready to tell their story to a worldwide audience, and we wanted to tell it in a way that was
as socially innovative as the brand itself. The end result was "Hollywood & Vines," the world's first short
film directed on Twitter and shot entirely on Vine.

A small breakdown of how it works, overlaid on clouds.
1) We broke a larger script into 140-character scenes.
2) People chose scenes and filmed 6-second Vines.
3) The director gave encouragement and feedback in real-time.

The final video.
100 of the best clips were compiled into a 4-minute film about travel, adventure, and finding your place
in the world – the story of Airbnb.

But really, man? It's the story of us. It's... the story... of us.

The case study.
The whole thing in one convenient package!

A promo Vine!

Another promo Vine!

Promo video.
When the PR hit, this is the thingy we passed around to show 'em how it do.

Lumosity is a brain-training app that makes claim to improve your memory and cognition and whatnot
and whathaveyou and so on and so forth. We wanted to tell people they could be smarter. But we didn't
want to tell them that they were dumb. So we decided to say that even really really smart
people could afford to be a little bit brighter.

Jetpack, :30.
Funny story: the core of this idea started back at grad school with myself, M. Flannery, and A. Grinton.
We all, of course, went our separate ways and I was lucky enough to be the one to finish it out
with the help of B. Doner. That's just the way it is sometimes, man. is the world's number one job search website. This is their first ad. The idea was that
everyone who appeared in the ad was hired through This is mostly true.

This was our last project at Mullen and we left before it got finished. Luckily, it's 90% the same, only
they were supposed to sing and shit.

You can view a making-of here.

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