PROBLEM People think therapy is for the deeply troubled.
SOLUTION Therapy is what you do when the only thing keeping you from getting over a problem is not being able to say it out loud.

Posters in the style of 'VCU Lecture Series' would be placed around campus.

Poster 1.

Posters 2 through 5.

Students are invited to fill out a card as they leave therapy.
"Thank you, Counseling Services, for letting me talk about ________."

These cards will be turned into a mural of all the things people can talk about in therapy.

The web would imitate our mural, letting viewers see the variety of therapy topics with accompanying facts.

Sometimes, you can't wait for your appointment. Phones around campus would have direct access to our hotline.

PROBLEM Milton Bradley’s Battleship is a boring game.
SOLUTION No it’s not. This is war.

Print 1.

Print 2.

Print 3.

Print 4.

PROBLEM Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ is seen as a ‘gross-out’ show.
SOLUTION Dirty is a beautiful thing.

Print 1.
EP 0001 – Fish Gutter
The catch of the day doesn't sit as pretty when its digestive organs are dribbling out of its stomach. Join host Mike Rowe as he goes behind the scenes of some of the world's dirtiest professions to show you just why they remain behind the scenes.
Dirty Jobs. Changing the color of dirt.

Print 2.
EP 0058 – Skull Cleaner
Death's not the end of the line. First, you get to have your muscles boiled away and then, the flesh-eating beetles get their turn. Join Mike Rowe as he plumbs the depths of the world's dirtiest professions to show you just what goes into making our neat and clean world.
Dirty Jobs. Changing the color of dirt.

Print 3.
Most people's idea of getting dirty is a little mud on their jeans, but host Mike Rowe's got them all beat.
Between boiling human flesh, scraping the insides of a septic tank, and (gulp) collecting horse semen,
he's out to prove just how colorful dirt can be.
Dirty Jobs. Changing the color of dirt.

You come away with an appreciation for what these people do, but with no way to show it. These cards are sent to you, but for your trash man.

A desktop app lets trash build up as your recycle bin fills up,
illustrating how we take the amount of trash we throw out for granted.

PROBLEM Sometimes people don’t want money. Sometimes, they just want their things back.
SOLUTION Copies exist. Our new service focuses on getting back what belonged to you.

Within Farmer’s Insurance, we would create a program designed to get back what you used to own.

Additionally, we would invite people to take inventory of what they own so that they (and we) would have a record.
This inventory could be private or shared socially.

PROBLEM People are trying to tell you who you are and what you should do and how you should live your life.
SOLUTION Fuck 'em. There are no rules. We just do what feels right.

We would create films like the above centered in L'Occitane's French heritage,
with stories of people who don't know what it is they're doing, they just know they have to do it.

Footage spliced from 'Into The Wild.' // VO by Peter Coughter. // Music by Sparklehorse.