Not knowing is scary. Or: a group of friends and a Thursday evening.

Richmond Renegades
Led by my friend David Byrd, a group of five of us approached Richmond, VA's minor-league hockey team 'The Renegades.' Over the next couple of months, we made a viral video about one of their half-time belly-shakin' superfans and the above commercial. Never aired on television, but it did air on a Jumbotron, and that is, mathematically, bigger than a television.

United Against Malaria 1
3rd prize in print for the USAToday-sponsored Young Lions contest. They said "the judges really liked your social media type of approach and wanted to recognize that concept" which we took to mean 'we don't really understand it, but okay.'

United Against Malaria 2
We could only submit one ad, so this fell to the wayside. Sometimes I look at it and think of what my life could have been like if we had submitted this instead.

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky Intern Book
Summer '07 to Fall '07 can be found in pdf.